DIY Inspiration: Upcycle coke bottles

Now here is a upcycle that you can really stand back and whistle at. From this To this Using these 2 liter coke bottles. See how you cut one of them lower? They’ll look like this: Slip them together like this Make rings out of 8 inch strips of duct tape Start stacking

(super) Easy DIY: painted vases

I’ve heard the complaints that with some of the projects to paints cups, vases and the like, that you need to have a bit of artistic flair. This project offers a great work around for that – follow the pattern. Use old vases with patterns in them like dots or ridges. These will be your guide. … Read more

Moose Sausage Recipe

I had been gifted 10lbs of moose meat so I decided to make Moose Sausage. I made two batches: a mushroom, sage, gin and wine combo, and a rosemary, garlic and red wine variety. Recipes – each using 3lbs of moose meat and 3/4 lbs of pork fat): Mushroom and sage: 3 tbsp chopped sage, large handful … Read more

DIY Basics: Painting furniture

Who doesn’t love a nice piece of painted furniture? If you have put your hand up, you might be in the wrong place. Just kidding – like anything, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but for those of you who do enjoy it, we’ve got a great set of do’s and don’ts from DIY Home Staging … Read more

Easy DIY: Gold dipped ceramics

The title of this says gold-dipped, but it is actually a spray paint project – and there’s nothing wrong with that. I love spray paint, as the shelf in the basement crammed with cans of it will attest. This is a quick and easy way to make some unique objects for your home. They use … Read more

Recycle Wine Cork into Table Runner

I like wine, and sometime last October, I decided I’d start saving the corks. You know, for fun. And I had this big empty glass canister, so it was a natural to put all the corks in there. Anyway, over time, the canister got embarrassingly full . I needed to do something with the corks, and … Read more

Recycling Old Scooter Ideas

I’ve always dreamed of scooting about on a stylish Vespa. Perhaps one day I will. Until then, I can enjoy the things that people do to repurpose or expand their Vespas. You may recall the Vespa rocking horse I posted a few days ago: Well the creativity doesn’t stop there. One man converted his Vespa into a laptop … Read more