Recycle Wine Cork into Table Runner

I like wine, and sometime last October, I decided I’d start saving the corks. You know, for fun. And I had this big empty glass canister, so it was a natural to put all the corks in there. Anyway, over time, the canister got embarrassingly full . I needed to do something with the corks, and I saw this beautiful Wine cork bath mat over at Crafty Nest.

I didn’t need a bath mat, but a table runner? Sure, why not. Thus, my version: the wine cork table runner.

You’ll need:

  • 160 to 175 wine corks
  • cutting board
  • shelf liner (the cushy kind)
  • sharp knife
  • rotary cutter or scissors
  • glue gun and glue


1. Cut the corks in half, lengthwise. This is a sucky process and requires a really sharp knife and LOTS of attention. Since corks are round, they have a tendency to roll a bit when cutting. PLEASE be careful.

2. Roll out the cushy shelf paper to the length you desire.

3. Lay the corks out to the length and width you want your table runner to be. Once fully laid out, pick up each cork and using the glue gun, glue each cork into place one by one.

When finished, trim the excess shelf paper to the size of the cork mat.

Aaaand it’s done. Enjoy your cork table runner.







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