Mexican Wedding Cakes

Hey, guys! How has your week been going? Mine’s awesome. Today, is cooking D-Day for me. I’m (with help, of course) making tamales, pozole, and an endless supply of caramels. Can’t wait! As promised, I have an awesome family cookie recipe for you today. In fact, this is my very favorite Christmas cookie recipe, hands … Read more

Sweet Corn Flan

If you could pick one ingredient that is the most important to Mexican cuisine, what would it be? Chiles? Cilantro? Lime? For me, it would have to be corn.  Mexicans invented corn for Pete’s sake.  I’m not kidding, they selectively bred the grass, teosinte, over the course of thousands of years to create the corn we know … Read more


Truly homemade soap is one of those DIY projects that not only takes a very long time, but could potentially harm you. Not the best introduction to a do-it-yourself  project, eh? Well, that’s why I’m showing you this super-easy, half-homemade soap recipe first. This is the boxed-cake version of homemade soap, and it skips the … Read more