DIY Pets: Make A Cat Condo

Why make your own kittie climbing station when they are readily available? What’s a rhetorical question, yes? Because you can! This project is quite impressive – a whole cat station, built from scratch. That’s some kittie love. Not a quick or simple job, this project took the folks at On My Honor a weekend to … Read more

DIY Inspiration: Beaded chandelier

Wow. It’s the Mardi Gras chandelier, no? Lindsay, from the aptly named Living with Lindsay, decided to give a boring chandelier the drag queen treatment and really glam it up, with this fantastic result – Before: After: Woo! Stop by her site to get a description of her method, and you too can add a … Read more

DIY Pets: Cardboard Cat Scratching Post

It may be that some of us have a love of shopping, and online shopping may be a special kind of exciting because packages show up at your door. Of course you then have a lot of packaging to consider on garbage day. Why put it on the curb for the recyclers when you can … Read more

DIY patterned kitchen stool

This is a great project – paint, tape and doilies used to produce a fancy final product. And you can do it in any color to suit your taste. I love to see this in white with bright, contrasting colours as well. Nice work! Get the instructions over at Mod Podge Rocks.

DIY Inspiration: Old Bus Becomes Home Office

Here’s a great weekend project – you know that old bus you have hanging around out back?  Sure it’s given you some great times as a general hang-out/seduction wagon, but why not put it to real use…not that I am hinting that you lack friends, let alone would never be able to get your Lothario groove on … Read more

Upcycling Shoe Boxes into Beautiful Storage Boxes

You are going to get organized and by crumb this time you mean it! But wait – before you head out to your local decor store and consider buying decorated boxes for storing your many small items, consider this fantastic project from MormorsGlamour that lets you upcycle existing shoe boxes. And since you are organizing, this will allow you … Read more

DIY Kids: Backyard Ker-Plunk

This is another one of those projects that I post in the Kids category which we all know full well doesn’t need to be just for kids. In fact, most of my adult friends would drop to their knees squealing if they walked into my backyard and saw this.   A giant Ker-Plunk. Enough said. … Read more

Home Decor Inspiration: Grasscloth Plank Walls

Disclaimer – there is no step-by-step for this project, but I think it would be relatively easy to work out. Beach Chic Design added depth and richness to the walls of a bedroom with 1″x6″ planks covered in a metallic seagrass. I love this idea and could see it also working in a small nook or feature … Read more

DIY Men’s Flat Cap Tutorial

Eee by gum I love a man in a flat cap. And now I can make Steve one of his very own! “Hey,” I hear you saying, “can’t Steve just buy a flat cap?”  Sure he could, if his noggin wasn’t so big that I periodically see satellites orbiting it. Ha ha! I kid! His head is not that big.* … Read more

DIY Inspiration: Dip Dyed Baskets

I tend to look at baskets and see vehicles for dust accumulation and junk collections. Know thyself, I think is the term for this. However, these very sharp dip-dyed baskets may change my mind. Beautiful – and as you are dipping them in standard latex paint, the sky is the limit for color. These would make a great … Read more