DIY Project: Irish Terrariums

Of course I don’t mean these were made in Ireland. Irish-themed, we’ll say, and hope any Irish readers don’t roll their eyes. Living in a place like Nova Scotia, I understand – people think everything here is lobster and lighthouses, and I’ll not begrudge the tourists their desire for this. FYI, there are no polar bears in Nova Scotia. Yes, it is in Canada and still no polar bears. Glad we could clear that up and get on to these really pretty terrariums – for which there are some detailed instructions.

Yes that is a rainbow and a little cottage and I am charmed by it all. Lucky Charmed, if you will. Oh no I didn’t! Oh yes I did. I went there. Someone had to. We were all thinking it.

Bad jokes aside, you can see how these charming terrariums were made at PennyWise.

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