DIY Pets: Built-in Litter Box

Litter boxes – the least pleasant part about owning a cat. Well, that and the 2 a.m. kitty-rodeo-wake-up-call. There’s not much I can do to help with that  but I have come across a litter box that helps deal with three crucial issues: ventilation, litter crumbs from paws and possible canine invasion. This cleverly designed litter box resides in a large drawer in the bathroom, where the fan is,and has a passage on the left that the cat enters before turning to head into the litter box – this passage has carpet on it to remove litter from paws as they exit. The passage also means that some big frat boy of a lab can’t shove his head in and treat himself to a snack. GOOD LORD DOGS, I LOVE YOU BUT WHY?


Here’s an aerial shot of the drawer converted into a litter box. So smart. Get more info on how to make yours at Instructables


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