DIY Pet beds from upcycled crates

I am melting at my computer from the cute. I can’t take it. These crates turned into pet beds are fantastic. Love them. But JUST LOOK AT THAT CUTE LITTLE MUNCHKIN!  OH I can’t cope. I love him.

I’ve got the diabeetus from the sweetness. See these great crate beds and more at Etsy seller Sammy’s Backyard Crafts. And say hi to the little fellow from me.

ESSENTIAL UPDATE: I contacted The folks at Sammy’s Backyard Crafts to let them know I featured their great beds and pup, and not only got a big thank you but a picture of Maybelle (Sweetest name ever!) as she is all grown up:

*swoons*Her owner Sammy says “She is probably the best little dog I have ever had. She is a rescue puppy from San Antonio, TX. Her rescue group told me how sweet she was, but I thought they were just trying to get rid of her. They were telling the truth! Everyone who sees her has to hold her and hug her and she loves it. I am sending you some photos of Maybell now that she is grown. We think she is around 10 months old. We know her mother was a Toy Poodle and we think Daddy was a Chihuahua. She was napping on the end of my chair when these were taken!”

I love her! And folks, if you are thinking about getting a dog, why not visit your local shelter? Your gift of a home will be rewarded one thousand times over in love, gratitude and friendship.

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