Knit your own Usain Bolt

Post-Olypmic blues?  Missing the Olympics so much you are offering commentary on your colleagues technique with the photocopier? Well now you can recapture some of those glorious Olympic moments with your own knitted Usain Bolt doll! You can rerun the 100 meters (or centimetres in this case) over and over! But wait there’s more!  You … Read more

Beautiful claw foot tub makeover

If having a claw foot tub isn’t enough to make you giddy, doing a wonderful makeover like this will: Beautiful! Sarah over at Delighting in Today has some handy tips for anyone wanting to try their hand at this:  Sanding is definitely necessary for the paint to bond well and for a smooth surface to paint a design … Read more

DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Garden

There’s not much better than having fresh herbs growing right in your kitchen. This project shows you how to build an easy and rustic hanging garden that you can harvest at dinner time. A slab of wood, some mason jars a a few items of hardware and you are off to the races! The stripe of chalkboard paint is … Read more

DIY Crochet Stool Cover

I love the look and feel of knitted or crocheted chairs, stools, benches, you name it. So cozy and lovely – until mid-July when the humidity and heat take over and I don’t even want to look at anything woolly. But never mind – it’s cold up here enough of the year to justify it. And here’s a great project … Read more

Upcycling Old Skateboards into Bookshelf

This is a great idea for anyone who loves to skate, young or otherwise. If you have a few old boards kicking around, or even buy a few on Cragislist or the like, this is a decently simple DIY requiring only a few supplies: 2 threaded rods 16 bolts 16 washers 2 L shelf brackets … Read more

Easy DIY: A Honeycomb Photo Display

Every time I buy ink for my printer, it comes with a free pack of  4×6 photo paper. I have a stack of this piled up in a drawer somewhere and I won’t throw it out because DIY rules dictate you save things like this in case the correct project ever arises. Well, ARISE Sir Project! I think we have found you.  This … Read more

Upcycling Porch Post into Gorgeous Candlesticks

How lucky do you have to be to come across someone pulling down their old farmhouse who tells you to have at it? Rather lucky, I’d say. And from just such a circumstance were these gorgeous candlesticks born. Made from salvaged porch posts, they were sanded and given a bit of finishing wax and Bob’s your uncle. … Read more

DIY Project: Irish Terrariums

Of course I don’t mean these were made in Ireland. Irish-themed, we’ll say, and hope any Irish readers don’t roll their eyes. Living in a place like Nova Scotia, I understand – people think everything here is lobster and lighthouses, and I’ll not begrudge the tourists their desire for this. FYI, there are no polar bears in Nova Scotia. … Read more

DIY Mini Heart Wall Decals Tutorial

I’ve had many people ask me how I find the time to decorate my home while also having a family to look after. Honestly, some days I just don’t have the time — but when I do, it’s because I choose these quick and easy DIYs that only take about a half hour out of my … Read more