Easy DIY: Recycle old candles

Who doesn’t have the final 1/10th of a jar of about 8 different candles hanging around? You know the ones – you have to tip them over and reach in with a long match to try to light them? Yes, OK you use a butane lighter and never scorch your finger. But I like the sulphurous smell of matches when they are struck…something to do with the amount of time spent playing with cap guns in my childhood. Half the time we didn’t even put the caps strips in the guns, we just set them on the sidewalk and smashed them with a rock. BANG! Ahhh the good old days – when we didn’t have eleventy hundred toys and creativity ruled: “Well, Dirk still has some eyebrow left there….we’re going to need a bigger rock.”

But I digress. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to turn all those old containers of candles into something new and lovely – probably even with a layered scent effect. Fancy! It involves purchasing a candle container and a wick, and then simmering down your old candles.

From this:

To this!

Lovely! You can get all the instructions here. Me, I think I might google “wholesale rolls of caps” and see how much it will cost to relive my childhood.

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