Easy DIY: Upcycled Jewellery Holder

This project couldn’t be simpler and the result is something pretty and functional. China saucers and a few old candlestick become a jewellery holder in the blink of an eye. Fantastic! I need one of these myself so expect me at the flea market this weekend. Learn how to make this at Acute Designs.

Make a Kitchen Island

A lot of people shy away from projects that require wood, cutting, hammering and building from scratch, but this kitchen island was done on a whim and the good folks over at Osie Moaks have ranked it as a beginner style kitchen island. Pretty snazzy looking for a fairly simple build, so why not head over to … Read more

DIY Christmas Garland

Hoorah for November – so we can officially start to deck the halls! Here’s a little paper garland I made today to get the ball rolling. It was so bloomin easy to make. Got to love a 10 minute craft project. If you can get your hands on a large circle hole punch from a … Read more

Frugal DIY: Make a lampshade from scratch.

Lampshades are one of those things that can range in price from the very affordable to the “seriously what?!” price range. And if you are anything like me, it is at that shocking end of the range that you often find the unique and interesting shades that would look just perfect in one of your … Read more

Strawberry Guacamole Recipe

This is an awesome holiday snack that can be quickly thrown together, is a crowd pleaser, and looks super festive. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love guacamole? Whether you’re making this for yourself for a home alone or entertaining, I’ve got some awesome guacamole tips that will keep your guac tasting great and from turning … Read more

Shrimp and Pineapple Ceviche

I have a confession to make. I had ceviche yesterday for breakfast. I will eat the weirdest stuff early in the morning. In fact, my very favorite breakfast is– are you ready for this– cold leftovers. I prefer something that was made the previous day over nicely cooked scrambled eggs, cereal, or even pancakes. Yup, … Read more

Dowel Christmas Tree

It’s been a crazy week and I just know that next week will be more so, since Christmas is on Wednesday! Sadly, this will be my last post until next year – there’s a crazy thought! I’m going to be taking a much needed vacation celebrating the reason for the season and having a relaxing time with … Read more

Mexican Wedding Cakes

Hey, guys! How has your week been going? Mine’s awesome. Today, is cooking D-Day for me. I’m (with help, of course) making tamales, pozole, and an endless supply of caramels. Can’t wait! As promised, I have an awesome family cookie recipe for you today. In fact, this is my very favorite Christmas cookie recipe, hands … Read more

Sweet Corn Flan

If you could pick one ingredient that is the most important to Mexican cuisine, what would it be? Chiles? Cilantro? Lime? For me, it would have to be corn.  Mexicans invented corn for Pete’s sake.  I’m not kidding, they selectively bred the grass, teosinte, over the course of thousands of years to create the corn we know … Read more


Truly homemade soap is one of those DIY projects that not only takes a very long time, but could potentially harm you. Not the best introduction to a do-it-yourself  project, eh? Well, that’s why I’m showing you this super-easy, half-homemade soap recipe first. This is the boxed-cake version of homemade soap, and it skips the … Read more