These Heartwarming Photos Of Dogs With Their New Owners Will Make You Say “Aww”

by Fiona | 03/07/2020

As you might have guessed, dogs can be unsure and scared during adoption. Why wouldn’t they be? The process involves removing them from the environment they have likely known all their life! They are then placed in a place that is completely new to them. Luckily, this is not always the case. Some dogs are happy to go through this and instantly adore their new owners! We are glad to report that such meetings have been caught on camera. We are sure the following images will warm your heart.

#1. First Bite

Excitement can occasionally bring out the animal in all of us. And who can blame us when it happens? It sometimes leads to adorable moments as you can see in the photo below. It shows the dog biting his new owner’s nose. “Got your nose” is certainly fitting for the moment you see here.

#2. Worth Keeping

She found the adorable dog alone on the roadside. As a compassionate human being, she wanted to take the poor pooch to the local shelter. However, her plans took a 360 when she saw adorable the dog was!

#3. Our First Selfie

Well, this is one pup you can take as many pictures with as you want. She was not hesitant about posing for a photo. That ear-to-ear smile is truly endearing. We bet the guy was happy he took her home with him!

#4. Jump For Joy

Can you guess what this cutie thinks about the adoption? We certainly can. Her face clues us in on how she feels! The same thing goes for her new owners. It looks like a bright future is in store for them.

#5. Look Of Love

Oh, will you just look at how much they adore each other? Skeptics might think she only wants to get more treats! However, we are certain that they will both love the coming years they will have together.

#6. Happy Smile

It seems like this dog is truly living the life. What else could be better than a hug from your owner and sunshine on your face? Nothing at all. We would not be surprised to see this photo on a shampoo ad.

#7. Lovey-Dovey

When you adopt a dog, hugs and kisses should be automatic. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. Tata the pup clearly enjoys this sweet moment. We can totally see why adoption made her as happy as a clam!

#8. Best Christmas Present

He had been hoping to find a puppy on Christmas day year after year. His wife kept turning the request down since a pet involves too much work. However, it must be his lucky year since she finally said yes!

#9. Puppy Love

We all know that it is a stressful thing to work as a cop! They have such a huge responsibility on their shoulders, after all. However, even though police officers can’t resist the appeal of an adorable puppy!

#10. Rock-a-bye Baby

She could not help cradling her new dog as soon as they met each other. She seems to adore him completely, and he does not mind the attention one bit. He seems to enjoy it a lot, as a matter of fact.

#11. A Bear Of A Dog

The post on Reddit reads, “I went to adopt a dog and ended up with a bear.” It might not have been what he had in mind, but he sure looks pleased! We are sure this dog makes him feel safer at night.

#12. Cute First Photo

When adopting, not a lot of people choose to go for the older dogs. We can’t blame them since dogs that old often suffer a multitude of health problems. Luckily, he was willing to give this pooch a chance.

#13. Can We Take Him Home?

Do you think this is a “Can we take him?” or “I love this dog so much” face? Well, our money is on both of these. The little girl seemed completely ready to give this dog all the love he will ever need in his life.

#14. Perfect Present

Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe what it is like when you take in a new pet. This guy was so touched by the surprise his significant other had in store for him! He loves it and will love it forever!

#15. Like Father Like Son

You will have so much fun when your dog can pose like this with you. Can you see how he manages to make the same expression as his owner? Not a lot of dogs can do that, and we feel jealous of this guy.

#16. Happy Pill

Depression is a serious matter. Many people feel like there is no more use in living. However, everything changed for her when she got this pup. As you can see here, she was more than happy to adopt the dog!

#17. Staring Contest

Do you have a grumpy dad? Well, we know what will get rid of that terrible disposition in no time. You can tell that they have a bond that will survive the test of time. This staring contest is only the beginning.

#18. Power Nap

Isn’t this the most adorable image you have ever seen? The sight of these two will bring delight in just about anyone who sees it! We are sure they will be up to more adventures when they finish their nap.

#19. Lots of Love

This boy surely showers his new pet with as much love and affection as he could. This could be a still from a children’s film or a dog ownership ad. Doesn’t this make you feel like kissing your own dog?

#20. Boop The Snoot

This photo will let you know the enthusiasm these two had about the adoption. This pup loves this human, and the nose-licking is a sure sign. This was what one Redditor said: “The camera may have been quick enough to catch this protruding puppy’s tongue, but it still couldn’t capture his fast-flicking tail!”

#21. Too Proud

Christmas is always an exciting time for children, and the little girl below was thrilled about the present she received. That mischievous look tells us about all the things she plans to scheme with her new partner-in-crime. We would be happy as well if we got a puppy as adorable as this one!

#22. Bear Hug

Aww, that look of contentment on this boy is nothing short of adorable. Moreover, we just love how the dog is looking at him to see that he is delivering the best hug in the world. They sure make a good pair!

#23. 2 Peas In A Pod

We already know adoption can be exciting, but this pooch here shows us how exciting it can be. His owner was just about ready to head home when she decided a little lovey-dovey moment was in order.

#24. Old & Young

When her husband died, she felt more than a little lonely. We understand, of course. It’s a good thing her son was brilliant enough to get her a new dog. No doubt about it, this dog will be cared for very well.

#25. Grateful

The pooch looks like she was thanking her new owner for choosing her. We are sure she is trying to express her gratitude for saving her from a life in the shelter. Her tearful eyes make us feel emotional!

#26. Who’s More Excited?

Getting a dog will never not be exciting, but the kids especially enjoy it. After her parents introduced her to Harley the pup, she was absolutely thrilled! It must’ve been unbelievable that they could keep him!

#27. “I Wub You Papa”

We are truly moved whenever people bring a senior citizen pooch home. It doesn’t matter to this guy if the dog was 12 years old. He knew right away that there was no way he can leave him in the shelter!

#28. Just Keep Scratching

If dogs could talk, we are sure this one would be saying, “Ooh yes, right there. Keep scratching human, you’re doing great”! We are sure he felt like the luckiest dog on the planet after meeting his new mom!

#29. “I’m Going Home!”

His collar matches her shirt, and his smile matches her smile. This is a match made in heaven! Max was happy that he finally found someone to take good care of him. What a good pair these two make.

#30. Pure Joy

Adoption fairs are great because new pet owners get free toys and food! Sasha only learned that these humans were bringing her home with them. She looks over the moon to hear about such great news.

#31. Eyes, Ears & Mouth Open

When you get good news, it is not unusual for our ears, mouths, and eyes to pop open. It’s simply a natural reaction. This little guy is no exception to the rule. Well, it could be that a bear just passed by…

#32. Big Hug

What better way is there to express excitement or happiness than by going for a hug? This dog was glad to learn that this man adopted him. It was even more exciting when he met his new brother!

#33. Nap Time

When dogs are comfortable, sleeping will be very easy. The pup was very content in the arms of his new human. We would feel the same way as well! There is nothing for him to worry about now.

#34. Kisses Galore

Although there are dogs that go for hugs, some of them like kisses better. Of course, these acts are always reserved for their owners! How would you react if your dog gave you a kiss fest as thanks?

#35. Jus’ Got Adopted #rescue

Aww, that bandana sure is adorable! It makes the eyes of this pup pop like nothing else. His facial expression tells us that he could not believe he was finally getting adopted. You better believe it, punk.

#36. So. Flipping. Excited.

It is a huge deal to find your forever home. This fella here seems to know what we are talking about. His owner feels just as blessed as he does. That shirt will give us all the evidence we could possibly need.

#37. Tongues Out

Now, we are thinking that it was either a hot day or the pup was just that thrilled to leave the animal shelter. Our money is on the latter. We’ve seen a lot of happy dogs already, so have another one!

#38. Best Friends For Life

She only got her handicap-assist dog, so we bet her life is now about to get a lot easier! She waited months to meet this dog. Doesn’t he look calm and happy? We can tell this is a friendship like no other.

#39. Can’t Stop Smiling

She was filling out the papers when Mika started grinning like he could not believe his luck. As soon as they got home, he let loose! Isn’t this the sweetest thing you have ever seen? She looks just as thrilled!

#40. Secret Time

When you have a secret you just want to share, it’s not wise to do so. Unless you do it to your pet! The trustworthy creature here seems to enjoy her secret. Maybe it has something to do with adopting him.

#41. A New Pillow

When your folks bring home an Alaskan Malamute, our first instinct would be to cuddle up with him and then use him as a pillow of sorts. We daresay this young girl is on the right track. Her new friend loves it!

#42. Feeling Loved

This is Paws, fresh from Paws in the City. Hallie Noble, AKA his new mother, was excited to take him home with her. She wasn’t shy to get affectionate with him, and he clearly does not mind the attention!

#43. Feels So Right

We think that a prize should be given to the person who captured this moment between Dusty and his new mother. It is such a moving image! Adoption should always be this raw and beautiful if you ask us.

#44. Is This Really Happening?

Penny only realized that she was about to go to her forever home when they were at the elevator already. We can see the realization dawning upon her! She was thankful that her new dad picked her.

#45. Yeaaaaah!

Sarah Brown Carter is Roxy’s new mommy. According to her, the family would not be as happy without the little pooch! Take a look at the gorgeous smile she has on. Dogs are simply too good for this world.

#46. Home At Last

Rex did not have an easy life before Dan decided to adopt him. Before this moment, he got severe neck trauma and suffered from this affliction. It seems like he can now forget about those days and look forward to new ones!

#47. All Smiles

We sure love quirky dog names. Fluke, this dog here, is definitely a candidate for the best-named dog! Josh Patrick took him in last November 2017. We are sure the two have only gotten closer since then.

#48. Pure Ecstasy

Although adoption benefits the dog, let us not forget that it does wonders for the new parent as well. We have proof here from Kelsi Keys, Dax’s new mom: “Adopting Dax is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has been there through all of the ups and downs of my life. He is the best adventure partner and cuddle-buddy. I keep him safe and he keeps me wild.”

#49. Now We’re Family

It is not surprising to hear that it will be challenging to bring a new pet home when you already have other animals there. Luckily, Cora fit in well after meeting the dog and three cats in her new home!

#50. Instant Pals

Terabyte was adopted by this family, and they later discovered that she was deaf! Despite her disability, her family loves her as much as they possibly could. Pictured below is the moment she met her brother.

#51. Picture Perfect

“My family is quite obsessed with her,” her new aunt has explained. Who can blame all these humans for falling head over heels with this Husky and Alsatian mix? We would honestly feel the same way!

#52. What’s Going On?

Jenna Gunselman talked about the day she adopted Oliver: “The first time we took Oliver on a car ride, he was shaking and crying (we assume because the only time he had ever been in a car before was to take him to the shelter). Now he loves car rides because he knows he’s going to get to see a new friend or go play somewhere!”

#53. Road To Recovery

Christina Haberkern wanted to get Zoe, her Labrador, a companion. However, she did not end up doing much because her dog took her straight to Marty. It was love at first sight, and she knew to take him home with them immediately!

#54. Before And After

Look at how much Suki has changed in the nine years since she was adopted. This was what her mother said about her: “Suki has been a major support for me, especially for my mood disorders. Suki has been with me since freshman year of high school.”

#55. Puppy Eyes

Kodak is probably named for his photogenic smile, and we love it. The beautiful Labrador and Shephard mix was saved from a hoarder. We are glad that he finally found his forever home!

#56. Better And Better

You can see the first time Krystal cradled her new pup below. There is a world of difference between the first and second photo. The latter was taken after she was cleaned up and taken in by her new mom.

#57. You Are My Savior

Aww, this doggie is giving her savior a look that will melt any of us. She definitely does not need any comforting because she knew what was going on. We daresay that she is thankful for this plot twist.

#58. In The Arms Of An Angel

It is sad to hear that bull terriers are usually neglected in shelters. This happens because many people think they are dangerous dogs. That is nothing but a misconception! Luckily, guys like this one exist.

#59. Best Day Of My Life

If you ask us, the dog was probably thinking something like this: “This is officially the best day of my life!” This smart cookie that the car ride was about to take him to a life better than the one he had at the shelter.

#60. That Smile

“You mean I’m actually coming home with you guys???” We are sure she felt like the luckiest pup in the world! This little dog is making a face that can launch a thousand ships. We’re sure her owner loves her!

#61. Never Let Go

They were driving home, and the fella right here knows he no longer has anything to worry about. It was the first picture they had with the new family member. We’re happy he will grow up in a loving home!

#62. Everything The Light Touches

We are sure you remember the iconic scene in Lion King when this line was delivered: “Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom.” For this pup, this was the version he got: “Everywhere the grass touches is your playground.”

#63. His First Picnic

When you adopt a puppy, you probably want to do a lot of things with your new pet. We think you should take them out on their first outing as soon as possible. A picnic is going to be a lot of fun. Sunshine, a blanket, grass, and treats… that’s all you need!

#64. Pure Bliss

We know dogs are unable to see as many colors as we can, but it seems apt to say that this dog can see all the colors of the rainbow. When you find your new home, it will suddenly seem like life is better!

#65. Happy Days From Now On

Although the excitement might have overwhelmed her a little, we daresay that she still feels happy about the whole thing. We can only hope that all the dogs in the world find their forever homes as well!

#66. No Words

Can words really do justice to such a perfect moment? There is no better feeling in the world than realizing that you are finally home at last. This cutie will now get care, love, happiness, and care on a daily basis!

#67. Awww

This is such an incredibly sweet picture! We bet you feel like going “awww” as soon as you saw this photo. We all love seeing a relaxed and happy dog chilling in the arms of a trusty new companion.

#68. Energizer

Perhaps the true secret to eternal youth is simply having a dog. This elderly lady will probably tell you the same thing. Puppies just have this unrivaled ability to give us energy and make us all smile!

#69. Morning Call

Sure, breakfast in bed will cheer anyone up. However, let us tell you that a puppy wakeup call is an even better way to start your day! Who cares about eggs, toast, coffee, and bacon when you have this?

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