30 Hilarious Dog Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

by Fiona | 03/06/2020

It’s no surprise why dogs are a man’s best friend. They’re with us through it all — the good times and the bad — and they never fail to bring joy to our lives just by being themselves. Because we love our pets so much, they’ve inevitably made their way onto our social media. Whether they’re getting into mischief or taking a nap, their antics have been thoroughly documented throughout our feeds. It’s only fair that the treasure trove of gems are shared with the world because, let’s face it, we can all use a good laugh and some good feels today. There’s no one whose more qualified to help us out with that than our trusty best friend, dogs.


#1. “I Regret Everything”


And this, folks, is the face of instant regret. Poor girl had forgotten she knew how to swim! You can tell by her face in pic #3 that’s when she realized she had made a huge mistake. Fortunately, she got out of the pool just fine using the ramp that was right next to this.

#2. “Patiently Waiting”

Daniel Wirtz

There was no amount of bribery that could convince this doggo to walk through that open door even with her owner calling, toys, treats — nothing. She was either very convinced the door was closed or intently trolling her owners. What a silly girl!

#3. “Knock, Knock. Anyone Home?”


After running away from home, this cute little pup’s owners finally found him peeking through the door trying to get back inside a few hours later. Just enough time for him to realize how good life is back at home with all the food, treats and toys he could ever ask for!

#4. Expert-Level Multitasking


Now I can play with the sprinkler and hang out inside. Genius! This is what happens when you install a doggy door and have a clever dog, anything your dog can fit through the door will come through the door. Plus, the floor probably needed to be cleaned anyway… the doggo was just helping its owner out!

#5. “How Does This Thing Work?”


Drinking water can be tricky, especially when you’re only a couple of feet tall. Hopefully this derpy guy found the correct water spout eventually. At least his shadow got a good drink!

#6. When Your Best Friend Is A Brick


Dog, meet Brick. Brick, meet Dog. And they lived happily ever after! Kudos to the owner for letting the dog keep its beloved brick throughout its entire puppy life.

#7. A Potato Retriver

There are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and then there are Potato Retrievers. What are the odds there’d be a random potato lying in the lawn? Next time, this pup’s owner might have to be a bit more specific when asking her to fetch!

#8. Is It My Turn Yet?


This sweet dog thought he had to wait in line for his turn to get a treat. So much anticipation! I hope his owner didn’t make him wait too long before rewarding him for his good manners.

#9. The Infamous Seal-Dog


She collected all of her toys and brought them over to play with the mirror dog. “Oh, you already have one of those? Oh yeah? Bet you don’t have one of…. THESE! Oh.” Silly girl didn’t realize it was her own reflection. Her owner must be so proud to have raised a dog with such great manners.

#10. A Land Seal


Spotted — a rare wild seal in its natural habitat. If he’s trying to be incognito, someone might want to tell him that his adorable, tan colored, furry muzzle is blowing his cover!

#11. Afraid Of Heights

This dog got followed the cat onto the roof and need to be coaxed by his owner before coming down. Oh, how would dogs even survive without the help of their humans?!

#12. “Here Kitty, Kitty!”

This dog was chasing his cat sibling when suddenly, it disappeared out of thin air. Ninja cat for the win. Cat = 1, Dog = 0. Better luck next time, doggo.

#13. The Box Lover.

Isabel Santos

This is Diesel. He can’t see where he’s going, but that definitely won’t stand between him and his love for his box. He’s determined to have both — his box, and the ability to see where he’s walking while holding it.

#14. “If I Can’t See Them, They Can’t See Me.”

This dog right here is the hide-and-seek master, perfectly hidden behind a roll of toilet paper.

#15. Boop The Snoot!


This pup might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s definitely the cutest! “Don’t mind me, just over here playing with my Mom’s shadow.” Such an easily entertained doggo.

#16. We Caught A Big One!


This poor pup learned a hard lesson when it ventured into its neighbors ground hog trap in search of some free corn. I bet his neighbors didn’t expect to catch anything as big as him. Next time, he may think twice before sneaking into his neighbors yard to steal some corn… unless it was worth it.

#17. A Very Expensive Pillow


When you buy your dog an expensive bed yet it prefers to lay on the floor next to it. Perhaps we should’ve boughten a pillow for half the price instead?

#18. Pet The Rainbow


Fortunately, this dog chose the right place to take a nap. She is now a colorful, Rainbow Retriever! Hopefully her humans don’t have any white furniture. It was probably time for a bath shortly after this photo was taken.

#19. “If I Fits, I Sits.”


This is what happens when you fill a hole your dog dug and rope it off — he lays in it instead. I must say, he looks quite proud of himself.

#20. Taste The Rainbow


He must’ve thought there would be a pot of golden dog treats at the end of that rainbow. Hope he wasn’t too disappointed to only get a mouthful of wallpaper.

#21. Oops.

Sorry doggo, hammocks are for humans. I’m pretty sure he won’t try that again!

#22. When You Take A Wrong Turn


I can’t get over the smile on this dog’s face in the photo on the right! I’ve never seen a happier dog in a more dire situation. At least he’s making the most out of the situation but I don’t think he enjoyed it for very long.

#23. He Got Stuck.


The littlest fence for the littlest doge and still, he isn’t able to make it over the fence. I’m not sure if corgis would be able to survive on this earth without their human counterparts watching over them.

#24. Avoid Eye Contact


You would think it would be the cat who is afraid of the dog, but I think it’s pretty clear who the alpha is in the family. If I can’t see him, he can’t see me, right?! The poor pup just wants to hang out on the couch but his kitty isn’t having it.

#25. A Rare Emerald Retriever


I present to you, the most legendary, Emerald Retriever! This is what happens when you try to help your human mow the lawn but get you fur stained green instead. 10/10 for effort.

#26. One Of These Is Not Like The Other


A+ for effort to the pup on the left!

#27. Omnomnomnom.


Apparently, this is how the dog asks his owner to let him inside. I’m thinking he forget he has a more useful paws that can be used to tell them he wants inside? I can only imagine how much extra effort has to go into washing those windows.

#28. “OMG! It’s Touching Me!”


This had got to be the most awkward encounter with a fish, ever. I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t particularly like to have a fresh, slimy fish put in front of my face either.

#29. “Oh, Hi there!”


When your dog is too lazy to get up and turn around to acknowledge you. If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you’re all too familiar with this look! At least she’s too cute to be mad at.

#30. All Tuckered Out


After this pup got all tuckered out from playing, he passed out on the floor before he could make it to his bed. At least his toys are nice and comfy, right? At least they’ll be the first thing he sees when he wakes up, rested and ready to play again!

#31. Caught Red-Handed


Dog owners are all too familiar with this common doggy offense — garbage can raids. “Oh, there’s a bacon greased-soaked paper towel in the garbage can? Don’t mind if I help myself to that delicacy.” Unfortunately, the glaring trash can lid caught around his neck blew his cover. But, was it worth it? Most definitely.

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