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Mother’s Day Art

by Fiona | 04/28/2020

This will be my first time spending Mother’s Day with my mom in a while! For the last 7 years, I’ve been living in the US while my family was here in Canada. So you can imagine, seeing one another during certain holidays weren’t always possible. But this year, I am so happy to be spending all these fun holidays with family! 

I decided instead of buying flowers and other gifts, I would invest in some beautiful art for my mom! Art really speaks for itself – no matter where you hang it and no matter what surrounds it. It evokes different emotions in all of us and that’s what I love. 

My mom picked out these two pieces herself because they felt crisp and simple. When she was very young, her whole family immigrated to Canada from Holland. The home they use to live in had a flower bed of lilies and so she picked The Lily of the Valley art print because of the sweet memories. She loved the Queen Anne’s Lace print because of it’s beautiful painting itself, plus it had a unique circular form which really stood out to her.

I am so pleased that she is happy with these gifts this year! I really wanted her to know how important she is, not only as my mother, but friend over these years. She’s been there for me in a lot of ups and downs of life!

If you are stumped this year for ideas, be sure to check out the many prints over on Minted – perhaps something will strike a chord in your mom’s heart too! 

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