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Mini Corner Gallery Wall

by Fiona | 07/11/2019

I am a huge fan of gallery walls – no matter the size or arrangement. Whether perfectly symmetrical with matching frames or totally eclectic with various pieces. I think it’s a great way to add personality to the room and so I decided that I would add a mini corner gallery wall in our family room! 

Although I can’t reveal the whole space just yet (coming soon!), what I CAN show you is this fun corner gallery installation! I partnered up with Minted to create that perfect focal point of vivid colors and patterns.

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I picked five prints that I thought had fantastic colors to brighten up our previously dark basement. The designs are a mixture of mid-century inspired meets modern abstract. The space was a small indented wall that had always been a bit neglected and needed some love. I picked the same white frames in large, medium and small to give it order, but then placed the frames off center and around the corner to add a bit of fun. And to just mess with the OCD…my husband being one of them! 

I have the option of leaving this area open with a few decor items or bring in the TV and mid-century stand. Even though some frames are partially covered, you still see that pop of color and pattern behind it. Which I love rather than a stark white wall and a big black television – don’t you think? 

When it comes to picking out art, I always choose Minted time and time again. I’m sure you’ve seen me share their pieces before. I just love the selection of pieces from various independent artists across the globe – it makes for some very interesting art that you can’t really find elsewhere…and all in one place mind you! 

So, first – are you a gallery wall fan? And if so, what do you think of a mini corner gallery?! 

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