Habanero-Pineapple Margaritas

by Fiona | 04/20/2020

One of the awesome things that comes with writing about food is other food bloggers. We are cheerleaders for each other and have such an amazing, tight-knit community. Food bloggers represent! Y’all rock. While looking at other blogs and drooling over their posts, I have noticed quite a few awesome margarita recipes. (Hello? Cucumber-Jalapeno Margaritas!) And with Cinco de Mayo coming up, I am have been feeling super inspired to make my own contribution to the margarita gods.

Ladies and gents, I am pleased to introduce to you– bum, baa, baa, bumm– our Habanero-Pineapple Margarita recipe! *applause* Okay, so maybe that’s just me clapping, but I’m pretty darn stoked.

I’m not at all kidding when I say I wish I could have a cocktail party dedicated to these margaritas. They’re just soooo…

  • addictive
  • salty, sweet, and tangy
  • strong (3 shots of tequila, uh huh), but still nicely balanced in flavor
  • darn good

This margarita is a bit sweeter than the traditional version, but that’s doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a wallop. The pineapple juice offers a tang– and then there’s the habanero. These fruity little balls of fire will deliver a quick punch of heat you will feel in your throat as you sip the drink. The spice dissipates quickly, which will leave you ready for another swig in no time flat.

These tantalizing margaritas are rimmed with a tasty lime salt and garnished with a pineapple wedge. (Psst. Try a sprinkle of the lime salt on a fresh avocado. It’s delish.) The flavor profile of the habanero dances nicely with the pineapple and tequila. Not to mention that the chiles, pineapple, and tequila are all ingredients that are all traditional Mexican ingredients. They’re a match made in cantina heaven.

Too little time? Try this hack! The habanero flavor in this drink comes from a mouthwatering habanero simple syrup. It’s super easy to make, but to make it even easier on yourself I would recommend making it the day before you plan to have your margarita cocktail party. If you’d like your syrup super potent, leave the habaneros in there for until you are ready to use it. That’ll knock your socks off! Making the syrup ahead of time will also save you the time of making it on the spot, leaving you margarita-ready in no time.

Here’s yet another hint for this syrup. Try it in other recipes! Brush it on white cake and top with coconut frosting. Make a habanero lemonade by adding lemon juice and water to the syrup. Fold it into a tropical fruit salad of mangoes, papaya, pineapple, bananas, etc. It’s an easy way to add excitement to sweet dishes with very little extra effort. Now that’s thinkin’.

What are your favorite Cinco de Mayo cocktails? Do you love food bloggers as much as I do? Tell us all about it! See you next time.


These pictures are so mouth watering, especially that one of the pepper. I gotta get myself a shaker so I can start preparing these for summer!!!

Gee thanks, Beverly! If you don’t get a chance to pick up a shaker, you can try nestling two glasses into each other, facing them rim to rim. It works in a pinch if the two glasses create a good seal. Happy drinking! 🙂

Ummm – excuse me, your photos are BEAUTIFUL! never mind how bad I want one of these margaritas! I actually have a grilled pineapple and cilantro coming up next week! Thanks for the link back – so glad I found your blog! Have a great weekend… xo

Jessica, thanks! You are sweetie. I can’t wait to see your new recipe. Grilled pineapple and cilantro sounds to die for– genius yet again. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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