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DIY Tropical Paper Foliage

by Fiona | 04/28/2020

I can’t help but fall for trends. They are an exciting way of bringing a fresh start to you home when you might be getting a little bored of what’s around you. They come and go, which is why I love to create quirky pieces that I can have fun with for the time being until another trend rolls in. Like these DIY Tropical Paper Foliage! 


  • Construction paper (in various shades of green)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Wood Trellis (optional)


1. Begin by folding your paper in half and draw half of an oval with pointed top and bottom. 

2. Cut your sketch and a small slit or opening almost the length of your leaf shape in the center. 

3. Now create the kind of foliage you would like by cutting out various leaflets!

4. Simply tape to any surface – I chose a fun wooden trellis. Continue until you have the desired amount of paper foliage! 

I love the statement it makes – it adds great color and texture to the walls! I originally created this foliage for a fun backdrop for my son’s birthday, but it would also make a great sculptural piece as well. And who can complain, these big tropical leaves are the kind that will never die! We are sure having fun with it in our house. 

What do you think of this trend and simple DIY? For more tropical inspiration, be sure to check out my Painted Palm Leaf Planter

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