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DIY Painted Palm Pillow

by Fiona | 03/02/2020

Sooo, do you remember that DIY Painted Palm Planter I made the other day? Well, this is a little spin off! It’s such a basic pattern that works with the whole tropical trend that we all know and love. 


  • Pillow Cover (IKEA)
  • Cushion (IKEA)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paint Brush


1.Make sure your pillow cover isn’t too wrinkly, so you may want to give it a quick iron. Then, begin painting your palms on the cover in any pattern you choose. 

2. Allow to dry according to the fabric paint directions. 

3. Place your cushion in the pillowcase and enjoy! 

I love playing with trends and pillows has always been my #1 way of introducing them safely in our home – without that deep regret of a large purchase! Plus, it’s pretty fun making up your own designs – what do you think?!

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