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Design Your Own Wallpaper

by Fiona | 02/01/2020

Not too long after I designed this fun DIY Textile and Home Decor cacti pattern using my Sprout, I was dying to create something on a much larger scale! I really wanted to see how far I could take this next project. I thought I would focus on my daughter Violet’s bedroom and create an accent wall using wallpaper that I designed just for her! 

As a design blogger, I am always trying to find ways to create spaces that have a distinct style and flavor that people will know as mine. Over the years, I’ve been really trying to hone in on more clean, simple and functional results. Which is why I kept the wallpaper design basic, using soft and feminine colors and one shape that would be appropriate for a 4 year olds bedroom. 

1. I started by placing a simple diecut flower shape onto my touch mat and scanned the image. The Sprout is so amazing, as soon as the image has been captured it is automatically uploaded into my gallery. The detail of my shape is outstanding, something I could never do on my own!!

2. I played around with size by placing both index fingers on my flowers and either bringing them together or apart until I felt that it looked about right. I replicated the shapes until I had enough to form a pattern.

3. Once I was happy with the overall layout,  I saved my finished file as a jpg. I then opened my file in Photoshop, where I manipulated the colors a little – I wanted some muted pinks, blues, greens and greys.

4. When I was finally satisfied with the colors, I ordered my wallpaper through SnapBox, using their Peel & Stick Fabric Posters.

I was so excited to see my pattern in person and I wasn’t disappointed!! It was well worth the wait and I can’t wait to show you the end result. Here is a sneak peek, but be sure to come back tomorrow for the how-to process of ordering and the room reveal! 

So tell me, does this sound like something you might consider doing with your Sprout? 

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